We’ve Got Some Fantastic Friends That Everyone Should Know!

Oona’s got some pretty terrific friends who do a lot of great things!

We’d like for everyone to know about who they are and what they do.

Check out their websites and  see what you’ve been missing!

www.apollonine.com Web design

www.arleighwood.com Fine art

www.astrosatchel.com Super-cute bags and accessories

www.culdesacdesign.com Screen-printed ceramics

www.deluxebicycleclub.com Bicycle philosophers

www.dominicdesign.ca Reclaimed wood furniture and accessories

www.emalinedelapaix.com Extraordinary songstress

www.flowerfactory.ca A flower shop like no other

www.francesfelt.com Hand-felted clothing and accessories

www.fyxomatosis.com Think bicycles, think Australia…

www.heyshauna.com Web design

www.humstonstudios.com Fine art

www.kendiamond.com Hand-crafted leather goods

www.laurenelgee.com Jewellery

www.redflagdesign.ca Bags and accessories

www.seriousgnome.com Artful home accessories

www.sphericalproductions.com Great folks, great music

www.utilitygrade.net Print and new media design

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