Do You Know Where Your Underpants Come From?

When you buy Oona Unders, I made them!

More and more people are wanting to know where their food comes from – is it organic? They want to know where and how their clothes are made – are the factories ethical? Folks are sourcing many more goods and services locally which is an amazing trend to see for so many reasons. Local economies benefit, carbon footprints are smaller and members of communities get to know and support each other better; but there are some things that don’t always get that kind of consideration – maybe because they seem small, less significant or maybe folks don’t think of those things as something someone might make so it doesn’t occur that these may be things they can get from a local company.

Underwear is one of those items that seem to just “appear”. They are just at the store. We need them, we buy them, we don’t think much about them other than if they are comfortable and maybe cute. As it happens, underwear is one of the most wear and tear items of clothing we own. It is washed and worn more often than most items in our closet and in the modern world, it is often subject to living under layers of rough denim and fly zippers. So much stuff that is made overseas is not only produced unethically , it’s cheap. The price tag doesn’t always reflect it but most of the actual garments are made of sub-par material and are poorly constructed. Boo.

Oona Unders are made to last! Every single pair is cut, sewn and printed in the Oona Studio with my own two hands. The patterns are tried and tested and they are made to endure countless wears and washes. All of the fabric is purchased locally so, while I may not be able to guarantee where the fabric itself was manufactured (most mills are now overseas), I can tell you that I’ve supported a local business at the point of purchase.

Many styles are available up to size 5XL because I do my best as a one-woman company to include as many people as possible. I keep my prices fair for the same reason.

Next time you’re in the need of new underwear, consider where they come from and please consider Oona where feeling as terrific as you look no matter who you are or what size you are is a main goal!

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