Every Bum Is A Good Bum!

All bums should have the option of locally made, great quality Unders at the same price as all other bums – because every bum is a good bum!

When I expanded the size range to 5XL, that was the goal and: mission accomplished!

Oona offers several styles of undergarments in sizes 2XL-5XL. 

⬆️ After trying a few pairs for the first time, this sweet darling was waiting for me outside the next time the studio was open and replaced everything in their drawer with Oona! ❤️

I want folks to be able to try Oona Unders (or stock up if they’re already a fan) at a special price for the rest of March! 

No online code, just go to All Everyday Unders 2XL-5XL in Collections and save!

If you come to the Oona Studio there are even more special deals 😉!

Thursdays, Fridays + Saturdays


556 Clark Drive

There’s lots to choose from and more to come! Share this if you know folks who would love Oona too!

X’s and O’s to all your lovely bums,


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