Stick it to Cancer!

My friend Patricia Chauncey was an activist, an artist, a partner, a parent and a loving friend.

She fought cancer for a very long time – she lived with it the entire time I knew her.

She passed away in January of 2015 and just over a year ago her husband Tim gifted me some of her silkscreens. 

With his permission, I’ve made some Oona favourites using some of her prints. 

20% of all sales of these items will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society as a way for me to remember my friend, for anyone else whose loved one is living with it and for all of us to say Stick it to Cancer!

Most of us will either experience or be affected by cancer in some way or another in our lifetimes and this is one small way to help.

Shop at the link below:

XO Tina and Oona Owl

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Loved and Local

Oona’s now available at !

It’s a fantastic online store based in East Vancouver that sells second-hand clothing, artisan items and consignment for women, men and kids.

Aaand, orders over $20 include delivery within a 10km radius of V5K (near Playland)!

Check it out and support local! ❤️

xo Oona Owl

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Mask Care

A lot of folks are asking me about mask care since I’m making them.Watch this for good info!

Posted by Oona Clothing Company on Friday, May 8, 2020
Since I’ve been making masks a lot of folks have asked about how to care for them. They do have a care and content label but here’s a great, quick piece from CBC News all about it!
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I’m Making Masks!

Here is a link to easily purchase cotton masks. They are being recommended by WHO in this very strange time we are going through. We’re all in it together and we will get through It!

Stay safe, be well and wash your hands!

xo Oona Owl

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Temporary Changes

In these strange and trying times we’re all doing our best to be mindful of others and to deal with our own trials and experiences with the alterations to our daily routines.
As a one woman operation, I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to my studio and remain isolated and I know that’s not the case for a lot of people.
Your Open Closet on Commercial Drive has limited their hours and shopping methods so if that’s where you go for your Oona Unders you can contact them and organize a visit.
For now, I won’t be accepting visitors into the studio, but you can order through my online store at:http://www.oona

or contact me directly at:

and I can get an order together for you and post it or arrange a safe pick up.
The Underpant of the Month Club and Oona Gift Certificates are also both excellent ways to share Oona with your loved ones and support small business at the same time too!

Thank you, wash your hands and take good care of each other ❤️
xo Tina & Oona Owl

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Oona and YOC

It is with great pleasure that I’m making the announcement that there is now a whole Oona section at Your Open Closet on Commercial Drive in Vancouver!
The all inclusive, super-positive store now carries several women’s and men’s style Oona Unders, tanks and pajams meant for all folks.
Size S-5XL

Oona has worked with the folks at YOC for over a year and it’s always a terrific experience so I encourage everyone to go check out the store and support local business!

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Holiday Studio Hours

Drop by the Oona Studio before the holidays to pick something up for your favourite folks (and maybe something for yourself too for being so thoughtful)! There’s tons of stock to choose from so come on down!

Saturday November 30th 12-5

Saturday December 7th 12-5

Friday December 13th 2-7

Saturday December 14th 12-5

Sunday December 15th 12-5

Saturday December 21st 12-5

Sunday December 22nd 12-5

Monday December 23rd 2-7


Enter parking lot on east side of 1310 William Street. Go up the covered stairs and the Oona Studio door is at the top!

Hope to see you there!

xo Oona Owl

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Oona Online Has Grown!

If you aren’t in Vancouver or just can’t make it to the Oona Studio, you can order online! The number of items available just doubled so it’s well-worth a visit!

The comfort of Oona is just a click away:

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You, Me and YOC

It’s Pride Month here and what better time to write about what may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of!

Over the last year I have been working with the store Your Open Closet, an all-inclusive undergarment store here in Vancouver, their claim being “Body positive undergarments for all genders” and they mean it! Not only do they carry a selection of Oona Unders in the store, along with several other great brands, but as a team we have developed a small line of undergarments designed specifically for the LGBTQ2+ Community. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud to be a part of something! It’s an incredible way to put to use the skills and experience I’ve gained over the last 20 years and I only hope to continue on this path with the folks at YOC. There is always an opportunity to learn and do something helpful!

When the indication is given that a specific kind of undergarment is in demand, the ladies at YOC take note and, when the time is right, they approach me. Together, we decide what we are aiming to accomplish and the design and sampling process begins. I make a pattern and a sample of what we have in mind and, with the help of an amazing community of people around us, the sample is tried and tested and feedback is given. Once the pattern is exactly where we think it should be, production begins. I grade the pattern to the sizes it will be available in and then cut and sew every item in the Oona studio. The label sewn into the garments is the Your Open Closet label as it’s ultimately their product for their customers; however, Oona does have the privilege of playing a part in getting it to them.

To date, the available items in the YOC-exclusive line are half-binders, tucking pants and gaff pants. There are also gender-affirming children’s sizes in the gaff pants for those at an age where self-discovery is in process. There are more products currently in the works and they will debut when the patterns are just right!

To check out what Your Open Closet is all about, go to their website here:

Everybody counts, plain and simple.

X’s and O’s


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It’s been a long time coming and the time is now!  Looking good and feeling good are two worlds that should always collide for everyone.

Selected styles of Oona Unders will be available from size S – 5XL all day, every day and I’d like you to celebrate with me!


Please join me at the Oona Studio to check out the goods! All made with my own hands start to finish, there will be lots available to purchase starting at just $15.

Full size runs of every style!

Saturday October 6    12-5

1310 William St.  Vancouver

Call 604-779-2630 for entry ☎️

There will be a CONTEST with PRIZES!

There will be delicious refreshments.

There will be a huge welcome to everyone ❤️

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